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Home Inspection Training Program Binder




Section (1) NARIES Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct 

Section (2)Washington State Law, Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics

Section (3) Essential Glossary of Terms

Section (4) General Glossary of Terms

Section (5) Study Guides (12) Modules  

Section (6) NARIES Guidelines for Inspections and Report Writing.

Section (7) Focus points & Checkpoints (12) Modules

Section (8) Residential Checklist (sample (12) Modules)   

Section (9) Home Maintenance Guide

Section (10) Marketing and Networking Training Tools W/Assignments

Section (11) Articles About The Home Inspection Business

Section (12) Standard Field Report form (12) Modules

Section (13) Report Samples, Form Hand Written (12) Modules

Section (14) Report Samples, Form Lap-Top (12) Modules

Section (15) Report Samples, Form Modules, (12) Modules, (3) of each

Section (16) Report Samples, Form Computer Generated (12) Modules


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 The National Association of Real Estate Inspection and Evaluation Services

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