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Street Address

City, State, Zip

Re: Inspection @ address on a certain date

Dear client:

As requested, we have inspected the referenced property, including the building and site, and have made evaluations for the purpose of forming an opinion of its condition.

We evaluate the condition of only those items concerning the building and its site that are mentioned in the report.  Our statements and conclusions are made only about what is visible, and about spot checks of the various items mentioned in the report at the time of the inspection.  Because of the hidden nature of some items, and the fact that we do not perform destructive testing, not all items can be checked.

The inspection and report are not intended to be technically exhaustive, nor has every component or system been totally inspected, or every possible defect or deficiency discovered and reported on.  Nothing is necessarily disassembled, moved, opened, excavated or otherwise to perform this inspection.  All conditions which, because of their nature and location are concealed, camouflaged, hidden or invisible, and are difficult or impossible to inspect, are excluded from this report, however many items hidden from view are manifested on the exterior surface.

You should not assume that an item not mentioned in the report is satisfactory, acceptable or in working order.  Do not consider this report to be a warranty or guarantee of any kind.  All statements regarding our observations are based on our experience and best opinions.

It is our goal to provide you knowledge about the subject property to assist you in making an objective opinion of its condition.  This report is general in nature and intended only as a partial guide for you, our client, to make your own evaluation of the overall condition of the property.  This report does not reflect the value of the premises or make any representation as to the advisability of purchase.

You have requested this report because you may feel quite positive about purchasing the referenced property.  The report may appear and seem negative and overwhelming at first, but read it objectively and remember that all buildings have problems and deficiencies.  The magnitude of these is what is important, and how much concern you should give them is what is crucial in your decisions about the property.



Type of Property:                                            Residential



Individuals present at the site:                

For the exclusive use of:                              

Client address:                                            


Client phone:                                                

Date of inspection:                                        

Time of inspection:                                        



This is a limited liability report and is subject to the conditions, limitations and disclaimer of warranties as noted on the enclosed sheet titled “LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY AND DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES”.



Because of practicalities we do not check or test intercoms, alarm systems, specialty systems (including built-in vacuum systems, sprinkler systems for lawn, etc., and fire protection), appliances, smoke detector operations, pools and pool equipment, elevators, dumbwaiters, heat pumps, furnace heat exchangers, electronic air cleaners, solar systems, hot tubs/whirlpool equipment and operations, gas fireplaces and accessories, gas space heaters, saunas, spas and wall insulation.  Other items not included in this list may not be checked as well.


The scope of the inspection did not include the following:

1.            Code compliance.

2.            The investigation for permits or approvals.

3.            The inspection for toxic compounds in the soil on these premises or the property   itself.

4.             A search of any public records.

5.            Environmental testing of hazardous building materials, such as asbestos, radon, lead, urea formaldehyde insulation, air pollutants or any other hazardous or dangerous materials.

6.            Testing of drinking water.

7.            Pest and mold controls of any kind.

8.            Subterranean conditions of the site.

9.            Inquiries of any agencies such as governments or utilities (public or private).

10.        Testing or examination of underground oil tanks in service or out of service.


This report is furnished at your request for your exclusive use as an aid in determining the physical condition of the subject premises, and the equipment therein, subject to the conditions and limitations stated below.

The report consists of the inspector’s observations, findings, opinions and conclusions based on his judgment from a visual examination of the exposed or the readily accessible portions of the premises.  No inspection was made of areas that were obstructed, concealed, or closed off.  Although the inspector made as thorough an inspection of the premises as is possible within practical limitations of time and cost constraints of the task, this precludes the inspector from doing any destructive testing of any kind or degree, such as drilling holes, probing into materials, prying apart materials or structures or scraping of finishes.

If you require more certainty or more thoroughness than this, you should retain specialists who will be willing to do more in-depth destructive testing.

Furthermore, you are warned that, while the premises and/or the equipment may appear to be in good condition when examined, certain defects may be concealed, very subtle, may not be discoverable upon visual examination, or may not be evident under the particular conditions existing at the time of our inspection.  Also, some defects may develop after completion or the inspection, due to weather and many other variable factors.  Some materials can and do deteriorate rapidly.  Also, many structural components have a limited useful life that varies somewhat with exposure to the elements and the use and care given such components.  Since there is seldom a reliable way of knowing these factors, it is difficult to say whether any part of the dwelling has any given life expectancy.

This written report supersedes and amends all oral reports or comments that may have been given you.

This report is furnished to you on the express condition that neither the inspector signing the report, not “YOUR Co.”, nor any of its employees or agents shall be liable for any loss, cost, damages or consequences of any kind resulting from or arising out of any statement or opinion made herein for any mistake, error, omission, or negligence made or committed by any of said parties, whether reflected in this report or not beyond a refund of the amount paid for it.  Therefore, nothing in this report should be construed as certifying the condition of any part of the premises or equipment therein, nor is it intended to be a guarantee or warranty of its soundness, merchantability, or fitness for use.  You are not to rely on this report as a basis for determining the value of the premises or whether same should or should not be purchased. You may not use this report unless it is understood and agreed that “YOUR Co.” liability is limited as stated and that there are no warranties or guarantees as stated.




For reference purposes the home sits on the East side of the street facing West. The building is a (1) story wood framed structure on a concrete footing and foundation, over a crawl space, with an asphalt composition shingle roof cover, with vertical lapped board siding at the gable ends, horizontal wood beveled siding and some partial brick veneer at the front.  The condition of the building considering its age, location, and the satisfactory completion of any work orders outlined in this narrative report as narrative descriptions of deficiencies with conclusions and recommendations, would be very good.

The following is a narrative list and description of deficiencies found at the above-mentioned site and building address at the above-mentioned date and location




Specify and Describe

Overhead service at SW corner of the garage.

Inspection Review

Visual from ground and at roof.

Facts & Findings

Analysis: The masthead has been stressed and bent, and appears it may have leaks around the flashing joint with the roof at the mast to the metal flashing.


Appears in need of replacement.


I recommend this be reviewed for safety and compliance.

Panel Box & Sub panels:

Specify and Describe

200 amp, 120/240 volt metal box in the garage

Inspection Review


Facts & Findings

Analysis: The exposed wiring entering the panel appears to be improperly installed. It is exposed and unprotected above the panel, and does not appear to have been installed by a professional. The interior of the panel is rusty and has burn marks on the 240 volt breakers. Some wiring appears too small for the breaker size (over fusing) and there are at least two locations where the wires are doubled-up on one breaker. The grounding was not evident. 


Appears in need of maintenance and repairs or replacements


I recommend the system be reviewed for safety and compliance

Outlets & GFCI:

Specify and Describe

Standard units

Inspection Review

Visual and with a circuit analyzer with GFCI test button.

Facts & Findings

Analysis:  The are no GFCI outlets, several face plates are missing, there are several ungrounded and miss-wired outlets,  because someone may have replaced 2 prong outlets with 3-pronged units with no grounding installed at the same time. A duplex plate is missing in the garage. The garbage disposal romex wire is exposed. One switch at the rear entry is taped open or shut.


Appears in need of repairs and replacements.


II recommend the system be reviewed for safety and compliance.

Switches & Fixtures:

Specify and Describe

Standard units

Inspection Review


Facts & Findings

Analysis: Some switches in the kitchen appeared not to operate anything.


Appears in need of a review and repairs or replacements.


I recommend the system be reviewed for safety and compliance.



I recommend you obtain the services of a qualified Washington State licensed General Contractor and/or Electrical Contractor to provide you a cost estimate, and/or make all necessary repairs for all mentioned work orders outlined above, now and/or before purchase.

(The next section of the inspection starts here)

Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning




“YOUR CO.” is not a pest and/or mold inspection, remediation or discovery and control company, and we are not licensed, qualified or trained pest and/or mold inspection, remediation or discovery and control company operators.  Therefore, we do not provide or perform pest and/or mold inspection, remediation or discovery and controls for anybody, including you, our client and customer.  We recommend pest and/or mold inspection, remediation or discovery and control company applications only as a courtesy to our customers or anyone else, for reasons such as humidity, moisture or the presence of water, age or locations of specific items or buildings.  If you feel a pest and/or mold inspection, remediation or discovery and control with treatments are necessary, we recommend you obtain it from a qualified "YOUR" State licensed pest and/or mold inspection, remediation or discovery and control company before purchase. In other words, if you have concerns about pests, wood destroying organisms, and/or mold, due to this report or any other reason, we recommend you get the property inspected and remedies made by qualified "YOUR" State licensed service and control companies as specified above, before purchase.

Remember, our goal is to determine what is visibly wrong with the building.  You must use this report objectively and relate it to the selling price and terms of  your purchase agreement.

If for any reason you should come upon or receive any information at variance or contrary to the inspection and with this report, or different from what we have stated, please call “YOUR Co.” immediately before making any purchase or making any repairs.



Your Name


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