"Our proven Home Inspector training curriculum uses NARIES Standards of Practice,

training forms and report writing excercises. We offer live seminars in seattle Washington with certification."


"The Fundamentals of Home Inspection"

   Washington State Approved 

(3) weeks 120 hours required classroom 

(30) weeks once week evening class required classroom with field training

(40) hours of required field training (please inquire)

With Test and Certification

Seattle, Washington

Washington Classrooms, are Edmonds, Sea-Tac,  Mnt Vernon & Vancouver Washington., Call for times and location. 

Home Inspection, Home Inspector Training, Seattle, Washington 


Who we are:


"The National Association or Real Estate Inspection & Evaluation Services"


What we offer:

We offer (26) weeks of evening classes, (4) hours once a week, and (16) weeks of field work together. The program is open enrollment with unlimited attendance. Start any week you choose and come as often as you want, and as long as you want until you are either finished or are satisfied and in business making money.             

What we do:

NARIES professionally trains Home Inspectors, offers and provides a professional Home Inspection Training School W/Narrative testing and Professional certification. We offer (26) weeks of evening classes, (4) hours once a week, and (16) weeks of field work.

How we do it:

Our classroom and field training program includes personal mentoring, forums, discussions and continuing marketing, on a weekly basis. This vital part of the program will get your business started in (16) weeks before completing the class portion of the course. NARIES provides integrated Standards of Practice with the inspection process. These are applied to our consistent and repetitive style of written form reporting. Our methodology is focused on repetitive business and legal practices.  This way you are skillfully inspecting and communicating with the public. It is not hard. It just takes plenty of practice and guidance.

What you will do:

There are (14) modules based on NARIES Standards of Practice plus modules for structures, mold and pest inspection. Your work includes written home work and doing actual Home Inspections with reports for practice. Inspections are written on a simple form with the least possible liability and risk.

What we provide:

You will get plenty of personal help and guidance during class and throughout the course or even after. Once started  you will get help on your actual inspections and then seriously get professionally certified at the end. The test is about (5) hours long and everyone passes with a 90% or better. This is because we give personal attention to all your work, and our teaching and training tools are specifically designed for personal improvement and self-confidence. Course includes structural Pest training if you choose to become a pest inspector. This is not mandatory or required in the State of Washington, but is strongly encouraged. Home Inspection is unregulated. An Architect and General Contractor teach the class and he has been training Home Inspectors for (14) years. Call 800-583-5821 for references or questions.

Program, "H",  Home Inspection training in Washington State SEE Schedules 

Progam "H", is (120) hours of classroom training in  Washington at two locations near Seattle Washington. This program is (40) night class sessions, of rigorous classroom training.                              Call: 425-319-5783 or 800-583-5821 

If the student chooses to pursue the marketing, and  field training portion together they can begin immediately along with the classroomtraining. This of course depends on the dedication and commitment of the student. This Seattle training program is in (2) locations around Puget Sound Washington. They are located in Lynnwood and SeaTac. The weekly classes meet continuously or as time allows.  Call or email for current status.  The outside field work is individually mentored.  The assignments are progressive from simple inspecting and field reporting to the more complex and efficient inspection with narrative reporting. We teach inspecting, inspection process, communication and business. Our marketing campaign is integrated into the training and works well. You can be in business before leaving the program, knowing exactly how to work with the public, Real Estate agents and related referrals. 

The classes cover our entire NARIES, "Guidelines for Inspections", which are viewable at our web site. This program builds not only a Home Inspector, but confidence and self reliance. The basic course trains the Home Inspector to inspect and write a short version of a written report where all of the information is classified and organized consistently throughout the document. This program is offered with an extended series of inspection training for narrative report  writing. This trains the inspector to write serious business opinions for owners, buyers, and  the courts as an expert witness. Often the home buyer may want a full written narrative report. It is advised to train for this and be prepared. 

The program may be taken as follows:

Complete Home Inspection Training Program / (160) hours with certification)                                                                                                    "The Fundamentals of Home Inspection" (Satisfies Washington State rules)  This program is for classroom sessions & field training, The class is given in (3) week groups. The student may take the classes when or where they wish. Unlimited attendance is allowed.

Call: 425-319-5783

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Classroom Home Inspection Training / (120) hours with Certification      "The Fundamentals of Home Inspection" (Satisfies Washington State rules)  This program is for classroom sessions.  The class is given in (3) week groups. The student may take the classes when they wish. Unlimited attendance is allowed.


Complete Home Inspection Class & Field Training with Certification                                                                                                    "The Fundamentals of Home Inspection" (Satisfies Washington State rules) 40) weeks, (1) Day a week, of classroom plus  field training including homework and field assignments, with test and certification. Unlimited attendance is allowed.


Call: 425-319-5783

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Call: 425-319-5783

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Program "H" Complete Home Inspection Training and Narrative Report Writing With Certification, Entry Level Job Training and More                                                                                                                     "The Fundamentals of Home Inspection" (Satisfies Washington State rules) (40) weeks of classroom plus field training including homework and field assignments, with test and certification. This class meets weekly for (40) weeks. Student are additionally trained proficiency in writing narrative reports and opinions from notes or form reports. There are day classes and night classes. Unlimited attendance is allowed.     

 Call: 425-319-5783

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With a pay plan: The minimum down. Make monthly payments of the balance of the program amount. Student will receive their certificate once the balance is paid in full. 

Call: 425-319-5783

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(Pay plan available)  All monthly payments may be paid with Cash, Checks, Bank checks or Money orders.

 If you have further questions, please call: 800.583.5821 or 425-319-5783                                                               

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Washington and Oregon Home Inspector Home Inspection training.

N.A.R.I.E.S Home Inspector training and Home Inspector, Inspector classes are designed for immediate use and earning power. N.A.R.I.E.S. provides Home Inspectors Home Inspector certification at our schools where they learn to become a Home Inspector using special report forms and business practices. By attending our highly professional Home Inspector seminars, taking our Home Inspector Certification test to become certified as a Professional Home Inspector, the future Home Inspectors are assured of providing Professional Home Inspection services and being the best Professional Home Inspector in their community. Home Inspector training and Home Inspection training seminars are the surest way of getting into business providing professional home Inspections to the public and local community.