I signed up for Mike's class as home inspection training. I found the class to be of comfortable size, allowing the students and myself to ask and interact as often as we liked, asking lots and lots of questions, Mike was always willing to listen and answer our many questions, always with superb knowledge. Mike being a home inspector who had inspected many homes had lots of photos for us to look at and show us the detailed info pertaining to the pics.I enjoyed his class, he was a great teacher and the fact that all of us passed our State exams and are now doing home inspections speaks  for itself. We all learned a lot of info, and we have all been licensed and doing home inspections, I want to thank Mike for a great class, we had lots of fun and not only have we had a good teacher but now a good friend, Thank you Mike! Gary


My name is Jason C. and I have taken Mike Pederson's Home Inspection training class in 2016. After the class I did the 40 Hour training. Then I was able to take the Washington State Exam and was able to pass that on the FIRST try.

The 120 Hour classroom is pretty good. It consist of a mixture of lecture (by Mike himeself) and videos. The lecture itself is easy to understand and adult oriented, the included SOP (Standard of practice) is also very helpful to a new Home Inspector. It is clearly written (by NARIES) and easy to reference and understand.

The videos that was shown in class are OKay, they are a bit dated material but I did learn al ot froms them. The videos demonstrated how the materials were put together, for instance the EIFS video show how the EIFS siding is constructed. For a person that has no idea how the EIFS or Stucco siding is formed, these are good learning videos. Other videos shown in class includes Home Time Videos which were also good if you have never watched them.

If you are interested in becoming a Home Inspector and is wondering if this is a good class I would say call NARIES and speak to Mike and ask him all the questions you want before signing up. I did it and Mike was able to explained all the questions that I had clearly. I took the class, passed the exam without any problems. I also know many others who has taken this class and had similar good experience as I ha I highly recommend this class to anyone. Thanks.


This class got me through the State Inspectors Exam. Mike gave me lots of information that I was able to keep fresh in my mind for taking the test. The test is complex and I needed the information Mike provided. He also gave us great information on how to run an inspection business and reduce the risk of legal problems. This was a worthwhile investment for me to get started in the inspection business. I really appreciated being able to walk across the ferry to the classroom in Edmonds. Freeman B.


I am a navy veteran and I hadn't got my approval yet for a program called Vocational Rehab. Mike took me on anyways. It took forever for him to get paid, and he was very understanding about it. He is a wealth of knowledge.I found the class to be everything I needed to be a successful home inspector. Today I have passed the test, and I am also an S.P.I. because of the books he gave us in class. It was an easy course with lots of valuable information. I know for a fact my class had 25 people in it, and he does a lot of them. I like Mike as a person and a professional. I call him anytime I have questions about anything. I recommend this class. Thanks MIKE!! Gary S.