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INTRODUCTION                                                                                                                                              Home Inspecting is not Rocket Science, but a thorough examination with an opinion about a building's condition.  I will teach you to do the examination and inspection, using theory, Standards, formats,  forms, and lists, and a simple description of procedures, I will teach you reporting and  writing, using Standards, writing  exercises  and training forms. These classes will cause you to develop professional inspection and  communication, skills and become a professional inspector. Clear communication is the focus. This is the service and product. It should be professional.

Our proven training curriculum uses standard theory, and procedures, NARIES professionally formatted Standards of Practice, inspection formats, forms, lists, and rigorous report writing exercises. These course materials are progressively  presented within modules which will cause you to develop clear accurate professional  inspection and reporting skills.  NARIES also provides members a, Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, which outline the duties for professional Inspectors and their services. As a result you will conduct business and be a  respected Professional Home Inspector in your community. We offer both correspondence and live seminars in the class room, which includes an in-the-field training environment inspecting buildings and verifying your practice  for certification. 


Who We Are:

The ARIES Co is a subsidiary of NARIES, founded in 1998 by Michael W. Pederson, an Architect since 1981, who has been inspecting residential and commercial buildings since 1986. NARIES, which is the "National Association of Real-estate Inspection and Evaluation Services",  is being presented as an all inclusive association for consumers and real estate professionals together. It is open for membership to the public including, home owners, buyers and sellers, Home Inspectors, Appraisers, Assessors, Real Estate agents, Brokers, Mortgage Bankers and Brokers, and related professionals including Architects, Engineers, ICBO Building Officials, and all related building and construction specialists. ARIES is the training branch of the association offering building inspection training, especially focusing on Home Inspection Training and professional certification. Beginning with this program, the individual is prepared to advance toward more complex inspecting of buildings and structures. The ARIES Co has been training since 1993 in Seattle Washington, and has produced many successful full and part time Home Inspectors, either for new careers or as additions to their current occupation for supplemental income. With this in mind we hope you choose the professional approach we offer.


Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is this. The home Inspection business is a professional service and not a trade or a professional trade. The inspector's responsibility is as an agent to a home buyer or seller, therefore it is like a fiduciary, because you act solely in the interest of the person you represent. Though this is what separates the Home Inspector out as a professional service provider, and although inspectors do not sign any  documents in their behalf, they do provide a significant personal document clients depend on in the decision making, and purchase and sale process. This requires considerable knowledge and skill beyond that required of ordinary business services. As a professional Home Inspector, we believe the inspector should provide an opinion, with the best possible advice and information for the home buyer or seller, including life health and safety issues and recommendations according to NARIES uniform Standards of Practice. NARIES also provides members a, Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, which outline the duties for professional Inspectors and their services. We believe these uniform and comprehensive ethics will serve everyone beneficially and without prejudice or compromise, for superior services and a respected presence in the business community. 


What We Do:

We train and build Home Inspectors using our proven training curriculum through correspondence and live classroom and field seminar programs. Our correspondence course coupled with our (8) day classroom and in the field training seminar is thorough and complete assuring you lasting success to build on. Coupled with your motivation and hard work, we will train you to thoroughly inspect, record and produce the professional  product, the written professional report. The classroom seminar, with lectures, slides, videos and continuous discussions as a group, or with the individual, are extremely beneficial to the student's level of confidence and understanding of their expected service. Our marketing and promotion campaign will cause you to obtain inspections almost instantly, providing you do the public relations work we teach and preach. We want you to remain positive and succeed beyond your goal. This requires determination and commitment on your part. We will provide the learning environment and education.


What You Will Do:

Our training programs will cause you to develop a professional practice and use NARIES uniform Standards of Practice. This leads to a self teaching environment every time you do an inspection. A structured well organized practice based on principals of practice and easy to understand standards is key to being the best you can be. You then will be building your practice in a professional way through the continuous added development of your many and numerous skills. Getting off on the right foot is our goal for you, and  we hope with your motivation and hard work, you will grow and become a highly qualified professional  consultant to  every one you know. For the   professional Home Inspector,  NARIES  provides members  a, Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, which  outline the duties for professional Inspectors and  their services. As a result you can become a  respected Professional Home Inspector in your communityThis requires determination and commitment on your part. 

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